Believe Women Tee - Black

This is the non-American Apparel listing. Those were limited to the sizes and colors available when they went under a few years back.

These are pretty self-explanatory, but when we have a self-admitted sexual harasser as the president, who's been trying to appoint a sexual abuser to the Supreme Court for a Lifetime Position, when we have another sexual harasser on the Supreme Court (cuz no one cared enough about women the first time), and on and on and on....

This shirt was my response to this shit show of a life women are faced with, every day.

"If you really got raped, why don't you go to the cops?"
This. Enjoy that read. Among millions of other reasons involving misogynist double standards and character assassination and re-victimization of the victim.

Thankfully, things are starting to turn around. People are understanding that feminism means equality/equity for women, not man-hating, and enough women are coming forward, that men are finally starting to see what we're talking about.

This shirt brings this conversation to the forefront.

It says "Men: Do Better" pocket print on the front and "Believe Women" on the back.