Digital Portrait


I will digitally draw you, your pet, your friend, your family member, a total stranger's dog, whatever you want. These will be busts, not full body, of one subject.

These are perfect gifts for folks, for the holiday season or just generally for life.

How it works:

Select the variant you would like. You can choose from receiving a high-res digital format with or without a name added, or a printed version with or without a name added (on white 175 gsm fine art matte paper).

Upon purchase, you'll receive a receipt email from me. Please respond to that with 3-10 high res pictures for me to use as reference (and the name of the portrait subject if you selected that variant). I will get the drawing back to you in about a week in digital format. If you choose the printed variant, I will provide you with shipping information when it's available. Shipping to the US is USPS First Class Mail, and international can take several weeks, though tracking is still provided.


If you'd like more detail in your drawing, or more subjects in it - like the images below - please email me at and we'll get a price figured out.