Divorced Hags Club Patch

$6.00 $10.00

After my husband and I split, I got called this by a woman who was sleeping with my then-partner (unprotected and he didn't tell me. Thank you Billie Gulley of Richmond, Virginia, for being a sack of shit abuser and putting us all at risk without our consent), while she was harassing me online. Despite my distrust of law enforcement, I had to get a restraining order out on her because she threatened my life and knew everything about me; I was operating at a disadvantage.

I found this insult particularly hilarious and odd, and took it back for myself. I made this patch, and wear it with pride. Many women have purchased it and shared similar stories with me, and I'm glad that they're out of our lives.

With a divorce rate of 50 odd %, the fact that there's any stigma at all to being divorced is insane. Fuck that shit.

5.5" tall, iron on.