Anti-Ghosting Postcard


Ghosting is such a massively coward move. I'm too old for this shit, and will always to their faces say, "you ghosted me, you're a dick." For those who don't have the spoons for that, here's a relatively aggressive way to let someone know you've busted them, and they need to stop being such a shit.

4*6 inch postcards.

Either have it sent to you so you can deliver it yourself, or leave the recipient's address in the Cart notes.

Text inside:

"Hey there,

You are receiving this because you’ve recently ghosted someone.

This serves to let you know that - in case you didn’t know -
this isn’t a kind way to treat others. You know, Golden Rule and all.

Please refrain from doing this again in the future; it’s cowardly.

- Anti Ghosting League"